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The Art & Life in Africa

The Art & Life in Africa website, hosted by the University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA), is a freely accessible educational resource that is the product of the collaborative efforts of more than fifty scholars, technicians, collectors and institutions around the world.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization: Asante Traditional Buildings

UNESCO inscribed these traditional Asante buildings near Kumasi as a cultural World Heritage Site in 1980. Parallel to Ghana’s growing economy is the construction of buildings using modern and western architectural influences. In an urbanization context, the traditional structures of the Asante Kingdom serve as witnesses to Ghana’s architectural heritage.

Manhyia Palace Museum

The Museum was officially opened on August 12, 1995 by Otumfuo Opoku Ware II, the 15th King of Asante, as part of activities marking the Silver Jubilee of his accession to Asikadwa (the Gold Stool). Visitors to the Museum will be able to view video-presentations explaining Asante history and the richness of its culture, as well as splendid examples of the gold-work for which the Asante are world famous. These include gold weights, bracelets and pots for gold dust which were removed from the Palace.

World Heritage Sites: Africa - Asante Stool Histories

Access of resources provided from JSTOR. The Asante Stool Histories, a two-volume, 1300-page collection is a history of the political offices developed within the Asante state from its beginnings as an upstart confederacy in the late 17th century to its height as a formidable 19th-century empire with a complex bureaucratic government.Containing a wealth of information on the structure of the Asante political system as well as on the social history of the Asante people and their West African neighbors, this collection is indispensable for any Africanist anthropologist or historian and invaluable for any student of Asante history and culture.

African Studies Centre Leiden (ASCL)

The ASCL adheres to the so-called Berlin Declaration on free access to electronic publications, which means that all ASCL publications are available in open access as far as possible. The African Studies Collection, ASCL Working Papers, African Studies Abstracts Online, ASCL Info Sheets and African Public Administration and Management, which are all published directly by the ASCL, can be downloaded free of charge from this website. There is an embargo period for books published by external publishers but when this has expired, these can also be downloaded from the ASCL website free of charge.


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